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A couple cute HUCKLE HILL puppies!

JRTCA terrier in show ring

Collective Soul

Huckle Hill Jewel Jack russell
JRTCA pups sharing secrets

2 YO female AVAILABLE see the available page

cutest jack russell terrier puppy!

Huckle Hill Pearl Jam at Northgate trial

Please visit the AVAILABLE page for any new litters or pups available

Jack russell terrier puppy breeder


         Breeder of the  ORIGINAL Jack Russell Terrier

​​​Huckle Hill Justa Jammin Offspring

Huckle Hill Harper

 Huckle Hill Jack Russell Terriers/Quality Jack Russell Terrier Breeder statistics
quality terrier!

Huckle Hill Jack Russell Terriers  is a small family based in home kennel/breeder located in beautiful Bernardston, MA. where we focus on producing a  few well thought out litters per year.  Our involvement  with jack russells began in the year of 2000 and absolutely enjoy the breed and all the antics they possess! We are very proud of our puppies and have many happy owners who absolutely enjoy their HUCKLE HILL puppy. All puppies are raised and well socialized with our family and other dogs and people for a great start in life which we feel is very important.

Please contact to see what we have for jack russell puppies for sale.

Our terriers excel in Go-to-Ground, Conformation, Lure coursing events and of course just being a loyal best friend!

     We strive to produce a  nice looking, quality puppy with superb temperaments that are easy to live with. They are raised with  ​lots of TLC whether they are going  to be a cherished family pet or on to a show/breeding home.

     All puppies are VET checked, up to date on vaccines, BAER tested (hearing) and deworming prior to going into their new homes and litter box trained to make crate/house training  easier. A fenced in yard is highly recommended-an invisible fence system(which I personally use  here ) or
a physical fence may be used.

All my breeding stock is registered with the JRTCA and has been CERF tested yearly for

eye issues All our breeding dogs are BAER  tested for normal hearing and PLL (Primary Lens Luxation) and SCA(ataxia) clear for a happier/healthy pup. 

Please visit the   JRTCA    website to learn more about this wonderful breed as they have tons of valuable information pertaining to this breed.

We do recommend you do your research if this is your first jack russell as they are not for every life style and the JRTCA website is a great place to start.

            Please note that  All our dogs/puppies are the "long legged" type terrier NOT the shorties, or otherwise known as the Russell Terriers / Irish jacks.

HUCKLE HILL is a Registered breeder and kennel name with the JACK RUSSELL TERRIER  
              CLUB of AMERICA

               We adhere to the JRTCA breeders Code of Ethics

           Feel free to contact for more information in regards to our breeding program or for any     information on any of our terriers and puppies!

                                                                STUD SERVICE ALSO AVAILABLE


cutest pup ever

Huckle Hill Jewel

Karen Crowley

Bernardston,MA 01337


Collective Soul offspring

Huckle Hill Jack Russell Terriers Quality jack russell terrier breeder in MA with jack russell terrier puppies for sale

Male pup available

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